Build Stronger Email Engagement with List Segmentation

Wed, May 16, 2012

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“Engagement” is the new need-to-know concept in email marketing. Many email providers and ISPs, such as Google’s Gmail and MSN’s Hotmail, are now filtering emails using a complex algorithm they are calling engagement.   In the simplest terms, it means that the more people you can get to open and read your emails, the higher your engagement score.  The higher your engagement score, the more your emails go straight to the inbox.  The lower your engagement score, the more likely your email will get filtered into the junk mail box, even if your contact has double opted-in.   This means you need to build higher quality lists of opted-in prospects who will be sure to open the emails you send to them.

But how do you easily weed out the great engaged prospects from the ones who are just ignoring your emails, or worse marking them as spam?

Response Magic’s new List Segmentation Tool allows you to quickly create lists of contacts based on their engagement level.   Response Magic tracks the contacts who open your emails and contacts who click on links inside of those emails – both of which are factors in the engagement algorithm.  You can then tell Response Magic to segment out those contacts from your general pool list into a new separate list.  Then, by focusing your marketing efforts on the contacts who show strong interest in your emails, you can build a stronger engagement reputation.

More and more ISPs and email service providers are starting to take a look at engagement and how to add it to their current filtering techniques.  Be ahead of the curve by starting to build your engagement lists now!

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