Track and Review your Email Marketing Campaigns with Email Statistics

Mon, Mar 12, 2012

Review Analyze and Optimize


Response Magic now makes it easier than ever to track the success of your email marketing campaigns with two new powerful tools. These two tools, Contact Stats and Email Stats, are found under the “Review” menu of your Response Magic dashboard.

  1. Contact Stats will show you how each of your campaigns are doing at a glance by showing you vital statistical data for each. This data includes Open Rates and Opt Out percentages – two key factors to compare when determining the health and effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.
  2. Email Stats gives you three levels of data that lets you dig down deep to find out exactly which list and which emails are successfully delivering your message to your prospects:
    • First you can see your open rates and other data for your Broadcasts over all, your Campaign Lists overall and then those stats broken down by list.
    • Next, you can click the Magnify Glass icon next to each list to view the individual statistics for each email in that list
    • Finally, you can click the Magnify Glass icon next to each email to see a 7-day history of statistics for that particular email, allowing you to see its performance over time.

With this statistical information, you can fine-tune your campaigns by removing emails with low open rates or high opt-out rates and by building on the emails that perform well for your targeted marketing.

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