7 Free Ways to Build a New Email List Fast

Thu, Jul 12, 2012

Attracting Email Subscribers


7 Free Ways to Build a New Email List Fast

If you are brand new to email marketing, then this post is going to be for you. I’m going to show you 7 ways to build a new email list from nothing in 48 hours.

Now at this point, you should have created your irresistible offer or your “customer magnet”, and you are now ready to start building your email list. If you haven’t created your customer magnet yet, either login to your Response Magic account and click “Create a Customer Magnet” on the dashboard, or learn more about how to create a customer magnet here.

I have listed these steps in order of what I think is most important starting with number one.

1. Get your opt-in code on your website. This small change will add the power of your irresistible offer to anyone visiting your website. If you have some html editing experience, it’s easy to add this form code to your website. If you are not familiar with html editing or you use a web designer / webmaster to manager your website, just send the code Response Magic gives you to the designer or programmer. We recommend copying and pasting the code to a Notepad file and sending it as an email attachment.

2. Leverage your existing contacts by:
-Customize your confirmation email to include your customer magnet headline
-Export your contacts from your existing mail program
-Import your contacts into Response Magic so they get your customer magnet offer.

3. Use the “backdoor” Facebook method to get your contacts confirmed on your email list. How?
-create a facebook fan page
-Import your contacts to your fan page and get them say yes to friendship.
-After they have friended you, ask them to check it out by posting it on your wall and ask for them to share it.
-Post your customer magnet on Facebook and remember to lead with the headline you created.

4. Contact any of your friends or contacts with the same target audience.
-Tell them about your irresistible offer. Remember you now have a free gift to give the world, use it!
-Ask them if they would mind sharing it with their email list, in store card, Facebook, word of mouth, twitter etc… whichever is best for them.

5. If you have a store, put up in-store posters showing the headline of your irresistible offer with a url to your squeeze page.
(I recommend that if you are going to do this, you should register a domain name specifically to point them to your squeeze page.)

6. Put your irresistible offer on your business cards.
This way anyone you meet has a good chance of ending up on your email list. It also makes it easy for someone with your card to send you a few referrals while at the same time adding value to the people they are referring. Be sure to repay the favor in kind by giving their referred customers great deals and not spamming them with unrelated materials. It’s simple: make the people who are referring your offer into heroes to their contacts, and you will get referrals from them for life!

7. Add your irresistible offer to your other media channels.
Post it on twitter, use it in your radio spot, post it on LinkedIn and post it anywhere you have a following or new customers can find you. Create a video and post it on YouTube that highlights all the benefits of your irresistible offer.

Because of the very small barrier to entry that the prospect has, your customer magnet is a great way to stand out from the crowd and for all potential prospects that might visit competitors to choose you instead.

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