How to create a customer magnet

Thu, Jan 19, 2012

Attracting Email Subscribers


Create a Customer magnetCreating a “customer magnet” on your website is the key to getting your email lists filled with valuable leads that are interested in your product or service.

The first step is to define your target market. You need to ask yourself “who do I want to attract” and “what type of customer do I want to attract”. For example, we will use the Health and Fitness industry. So we are going to be targeting those customers who are interested in health and fitness. We will refine and narrow this broad target audience in the next few steps.

The next step is to define a problem that your target market has and offer a solution to this problem. For example, in the Health and Fitness industry, one problem may be finding exercises or equipment that offer results for keeping ab muscles toned. So the problem question would be “How do I keep my stomach abs toned?”

The next step is to create your headline based on the question and the solution. In our example, where we are going to be offering a solution to the issue of getting toned abs, we could use the headline “Who else wants to know how I just got rock hard toned abs in just 3 weeks…” The headline presents the question of “how to get toned abs” as a solution “I just got rock hard toned abs”.

Step 4 is called the “Call to Action”. You need something that will make them want to take action right away in order to get the solution your are offering to provide to them. The call to action should be bold and visible on your page and is most often located at the top of your capture form. In our fitness example, we could use the following as a call to action: “Enter your name and email address below for instant access to the Free Easy Abs Video Boot-Camp”. The action is “enter your name and email” and the call to do this is “for instant access” to the video boot-camp.

Step 5 is to deliver what you have promised – deliver your solution to the prospect. After the prospect fills out the form, they have completed your call to action. You must reward them by providing what you promised in your call to action. If you do not deliver this to them, you break trust with the prospect – a trust that is extreamly hard to regain. Your reward should have value and thought put into it so the prospect fills like they are getting something worth-while.

Some of the best ways to deliver your solution is through a PDF eBook they can download from the “thank you” page, or with an audio or video recording they can play on the “thank you” page. You should also email them, best done with an autoresponder, a way to access this solution, such as a link to the thank you page, and to personally thank them for their request.

The delivery is the perfect opportunity to offer more solutions to other problems. You do this by creating a void that can be filled by your paid product or service. For example, our solution is a video bootcamp. This video bootcamp, however, contains excersies that require a certain peice of equipment to get the best results – that is the void. They know what they need to do to get toned abs, but they still need the equipment get the best results. You give them knowledge and the solution for free, but the tool is the product you are wanting them to purchase.

The final step is the follow up. Make sure you keep in touch with your prospects by using an autoresponder system like Response Magic. Continue to provide content that has value to them through exclusive videos and updates. You need to keep them coming back to the solution page again and again and continue to offer solutions to other questions, including the void and the tool that can fill that void.

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