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Thu, Dec 6, 2012

Creating a Relationship


Our marketing team at Response Magic has been
hard at work creating a new offer to excite our affiliate
network and as a result we have created a no-brainer
offer for your customers that will yield a 40% return in
your pocket without selling!

check it out.
-> http://www.responsemagic.com/affiliates.php

We know that by empowering our affiliates our
network will grow stronger, this is why our newly
crafted offer cuts you in on 40% of monthly recurring
revenue of all of your Response Magic subscribers
with lifetime affiliate tracking.

We have also introduced a FREE product trial up to
100 contacts.  This allows you to give away Response
Magic to your entire customer base for FREE while
earning the back end commissions once they decide
to upgrade to a full paid account at the low price of
$19.95 per/mo.

-> http://www.responsemagic.com/affiliates.php

Customers also have the added benefit of saving 50%
on their account if they Prepay for the entire year up
front, which is a win for them as they pay less, and a
win for you as you are paid upfront on that customer
for the year before they reach 100 contacts.

We are introducing additional ways for you to profit from
helping people this quarter.  Response Magic will be
introducing SMS Mobile marketing packages available
to all customers.  Now your customers will benefit from
the growing world of SMS marketing but you will also
receive 40% on all of your customers SMS marketing

No other marketing system offers Email Marketing,
Autoresponders and SMS while offering a 40% revenue
share to their partners.

Our new professionally created marketing sales funnels
for Response Magic are all replicating with swipe copy
emails and are available for you to use in your marketing

Here are some examples:

Refer customers and earn 40% comission:




Refer affiliates and earn 10% off their sales:

We also have an extensive API which can integrate
with any system, website or existing program you
may be running. Our affiliate API allows you to give
away free response magic accounts as gift or bonus
at your point of sale to increase the lifetime value of
your customers!

We look forward to making 2013 a year to remember
for all of our partners and affiliates,  if you have any
questions or would like to discuss further how we
can integrate with your program we would be happy
to sit down and chat with you in greater detail.
call us at: 519-570-9115

Talk to you soon,

Ryan Hache
and your Friends at Response Magic

Ryan Hache

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