5 Email List Building Strategies That Work

Fri, Nov 15, 2013

Attracting Email Subscribers


Email list building starts with creating a capture form and hook that works.

Here are 5 great email list building strategies that work:

  1. Make it simple to sign up. You should make your email list or newsletter sign-up form ask as few questions as possible – usually just email is best. Asking for a bunch of personal information from a person is a sure-fire way to get them to not put in their email address. Once you have captured their email address, you can lead into gathering more information about them via emails that send them to more inquisitive forms, surveys and offers. 
  2. Make it easy to find. Your email list building sign up box should be in a very obvious place on your website, such as the top right-hand corner of the header. Having a bright colored box and an arrow doesn’t hurt either. You should also make sure you let them know what they are signing up for.
  3. Put it everywhere. Once you make your email sign up easy to find and simple to join, include it everywhere you can. This means including your form on your blog, on every page of your website and as a link in every email you send. You can link to your main website, since you have made it obvious where the sign-up  is, with a simple “Get more great news by joining my mailing list!” link. You can even put it on your business cards. Use the blank space on the back of the card to advertise that you have a mailing list and why they should join.
  4. Give them a good reason to join. Yes, they are signing up for an email list, newsletter or offers list – but why exactly should they? What kind of awesome information are you going to be giving them? Do you have secrets on how to build a business? Do you have coupons on great products you can give? Are you going to provide advice on a topic that they simply need to know?
  5. Respect their email address. They are giving you a piece of their personal information when they sign up on your list building form. You need to assure them that you will respect their privacy, only send them the information they are signing up for and that you will not be sharing their contact information with any third party service. This is just part of email list best practices. Then, of course, follow through with those promises. Be sure you don’t spam the people who give you their info. If you provide the value-content to them that you have promised, chances are high they will recommend your mailing list to others.

Following these 5 simple list building strategies can help increase your signups significantly. Building an effective form doesn’t require a lot of work, either. Response Magic has a built in email capture form templates that you can use to effectively promote your email list sign-up.

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